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Competitive Team Tryouts

Gym World of Twinsburg offers USAG levels 3 through 10 and Xcel levels Silver through Diamond.
We also offer a Pre-Team developmental program, designed for girls with gymnastics experience who want to more concentrated preparation for our Competitive Team program.

Team tryouts for those interested and willing to make the commitment are schedule for:

 - March 30th 1:00-3:00. This tryout date is for girls ages 5 through 8 only. Pre-registration is required. There is no cost for this tryout. **We will be holding a mandatory parent meeting during the first hour of tryouts.**

Pre-register HERE for the 3/30 1:00-3:00 Team Tryout. Ages 5-8 only.

 - April 13th 3:30-5:30. This tryout date is for girls ages 9 and older. Pre-registration is required. There is no cost for this tryout. **We will be holding a mandatory parent meeting during the first hour of tryouts.**

Pre-register HERE for the 4/13 3:30-5:30 Team Tryout. Ages 9 and older only.



How do I know if my athlete is ready to make the move to the Team program?

Your athlete must have experience in gymnastics, but a recommendation from a coach is the best way to know.

What fees are associated with the program?

-There is an annual processing fee due May 31st each year you are part of the program. Competitive Team is $300 annually per child. We do discount for multiple children.

-Monthly tuition fee, due the first of each month. These fees will vary based on the number of days/hours your daughter practices per week.

-Competition fees: there are 7 monthly fees due to fund your daughter’s competition account. These fees vary based on the Level or placement of your athlete within our program.

*We will discuss this more in depth during the parent meeting.

Is this a year-round training program?

YES. Our programs and fee structures are based on a 48 week year. We do take breaks for holidays, etc. Those breaks are factored in to our 48 week year.

The only way a gymnast progresses is if they practice, so we expect our gymnasts to participate year-round.

Where are the competitions and how long do they take?

We generally stay in-state with 1 or 2 per season that may be out of state. For an idea of our Competition schedule we partook in this season, take a look at our schedule posted in the lobby.

Most competitions take 4-5 hours including warm-ups, competition and awards.

Will my athlete need a special uniform?

YES. All team members are required to purchase a Team leotard and warm-up.

NO, if you are selected for the Pre-Team Program.

Does my athlete have to compete?

YES. The reward for all the hard work they put in throughout the year is the fun and camaraderie of participating in the competitions. We understand that there may be a competition on a weekend that you have a prior commitment on, but we expect you to attend all of them.

Are there ways to defray the costs?

YES. Gym World has a booster club that raises money that you can use towards your Competition Fund. Membership is voluntary. We will provide more information on this during the parent meeting.

What can my athlete expect to get out of the Team program?

Learning great gymnastics, respect, self-respect, self-esteem, physical well-being, discipline, time management, friends, fun. (I could go on)

A lot of our gymnasts go on to compete for their high schools. Cleveland has by far, the most competitive HS gymnastics in the state. Currently, Twinsburg, Hudson, Nordonia, Stow and Walsh practice at GWT and have enjoyed a lot of success.

A select few may be fortunate enough to compete for a collegiate program.

What if my athlete is not selected for Pre-Team or Team?

Not to worry or get discouraged. If your athlete is not quite ready to participate in our Team program, she can continue in our Rainbow class program. Rainbow is designed to develop your daughter’s abilities so that she will eventually be ready for the next step. Each girl progresses at a different pace and we want to help you make the best decisions for your athlete when it comes to gymnastics. Our League Team program may be a great option for your athlete, as well!

For more information on Junior Olympic (JO) and Xcel gymnastics, along with program differences, please visit usagym.org

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